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Excise Act


  I) State Acts and Rules.The Karnataka Excise Act 1965. View
1 The Karnataka Prohibition Act 1961.
2 The Narcotic Drugs and Substances (Karnataka) Rules 1985. 
3 Karnataka Prevention of Dangerous of Bootleggers Drug-offenders, Gamblers, Immoral Traffic offenders and Grabbers Act 1985. view



  (II) Central Acts and Rules.  
1 The Medicinal and Toilet Preparations (Excise Duties) Act 1955, Rules 1956.
2 Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances 1985 (Central Act No. 61 1985).


  The Karnataka Excise Acts 1965.  
 1 Karnataka Excise (Bottling of Liquor) Rules, 1967
Karnataka Excise (Brewery) Rules, 1967
Karnataka Excise (Confiscated Articles Disposal) Rules, 1967
Karnataka Excise (Cutting and Removal of Date Leaves and Dead Wood) Rules, 1967
Karnataka Excise (Denatured Spirit and Denatured Spirituous Preparations) Rules, 1967
Karnataka Excise (Distillery and Warehouse) Rules, 1967
Karnataka Excise (Entry, Inspection and Investigation Authorisation) Rules, 1967
Karnataka Excise (Excise Duties and Fees) Rules, 1968
Karnataka Excise Licences (General Conditions) Rules, 1967
10  Karnataka Excise (Grant of Expenses) Rules 1967
11  Karnataka Excise (Grant of Rewards) Rules, 1967
12  Karnataka Excise (Intoxicants Destructions) Rules, 1967
13  Karnataka Excise (Intoxicating Drugs) Rules 1967
14  Karnataka Excise (Issue of Duplicate Licences and Permits) Rules, 1967
15  Karnataka Excise (Lease of the Right of Retail Vend of Beer) Rules, 1976
16  Karnataka Excise (Lease of the Right of Retail Vend of Liquors) Rules, 1969
17  Karnataka Excise (Lease of the Right of Retail Vend of Wine) Rules, 1985
18  Karnataka Excise (Lease of the Right of Retail Vend of Wine) Rules, 2008
19  Karnataka Excise (Liquor Transit) Rules, 1985
20    Karnataka Excise (Manufacture and Bottling of Arrack) Rules, 1987
21   Karnataka Excise (Manufacture and Bottling of Toddy) Rules, 1972
22    Karnataka Excise (Manufacture of Wine for Sacramental Purposes) Rules, 1970
23   Karnataka Excise (Manufacture of Fortified Wine from Grapes) Rules, 1968
24   Karnataka Excise (Manufacture of Wine) Rules, 2008
25   Karnataka Excise (Mhowra Flowers) Rules, 1977
26   Karnataka Excise (Permit Fee) Rules, 1990
27   Karnataka Excise (Possession, Transport, Import and Export of Intoxicants) Rules, 1967
28   Karnataka Excise (Rectified Spirits) Rules, 1967
29    Karnataka Excise (Regulation of Yield, Production and Wastage of Spirit, Beer, Wine or Liquors) Rules 1998
30   Karnataka Excise (Restriction on Powers to Arrest without Warrant, Search and Seize Articles) Rules, 1967
31    Karnataka Excise (Sale of Arrack) Rules, 1997
32   Karnataka Excise (Sale of Indian and Foreign Liquors) Rules, 1968
33   Karnataka Excise (Spirituous Preparations, Manufacture, Sales and Accounts) Rules, 1969
34   Karnataka Excise (Tapping of Trees) Rules, 1991
35   Karnataka Excise Services (Recruitment) rules, 1996
36   Karnataka Excise Department Services (Recruitment) Rules, 1971






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